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The Last Will and Testament of the Human Race

I’m very proud to have had a third story published in Nature: The Last Will and Testament of the Human Race , alongside the story behind the story. A rather different story format… as Nature put it, “The end has come, as the end it must, and the remaining representative of the human race is no more. As we mourn this passing, we take comfort in the final words and thoughts of the last human ever to exist in the Universe.

Just to put things in context, here are my statistics to date:-

SF stories completed: 27

SF stories published/accepted for publication: 8/27

Shortest story – 100 words

Longest story – 948 words


Published by markvsf

Father (of 3) and Husband (of 1) Lifelong Science Fiction Fan (mainly Hard, Technical SF) New Scientist Subscriber since the age of 15. Lifelong interest in all things Science and Technology Runner, distances up to Half Marathon (most recent 2019) and occasionally further. Cyclist (although my bike is much better than I am) Senior IT Manager for a Cable and Internet company in the UK Science Fiction Author (since 2019)

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